Fix Linksys Router Error 321

How To Fix Linksys Router Error 321?

Linksys routers are widely used by users, across the globe, due to its excellent features. However, sometimes, individuals may get this Linksys router error 321, when trying to install the router using the CD. It is not related to any kind of computer problem, but it can actually happen when the computer is not connected to the router or “Linksys router Ethernet Cable Not Connected properly” or the Connection between the Linksys Router and the Computer is not working.  Thus, don’t worry about this error, as users can easily Fix Linksys router error 321 -Ethernet Cable Not Connected Properly. The users just need to follow the below given troubleshooting steps to fix this error 321. 

How to Fix Linksys Router Error 321

Steps To Fix Linksys Router Error 321:- 

Step1:- Check the Firewall Settings

To check the Firewall Settings is the first priority for the users. Then check the firewall settings of the computer/ Laptop, will be helpful to find the problem. If there is any firewall installed on the computer, so the users need to turn it OFF.

During the process, the users ensure that the Local Area Connection on the computer is not disabled. The Local Area Connection should not have any static IP address assigned. If there is any then the users need to immediately set the IP address to automatic.

Method2:- Run the Installation CD Again:-

The users require trying to run the CD again and ensure when the CD runs, it will ask to connect the computer and the modem to the router with the cable. So the users will need to notice, that there all the lights lit up on the router. If it’s not, then users will need to setup their router without the CD.

The users can get the instruction to setup router manually in the method 3. 

Step3:- Try to Setup Router Without Installation CD

Setup Linksys Router without Installation CD is another best option for users in order to completely avoid the in order to fix Linksys Router Error 321.

Follow the below-given instruction to Setup Linksys Router without Installation CD:

  • First of all, connect the main computer to the Ethernet port on the router.
  • Then the users need to connect the modem to the Internet port on the router.
  • Now it’s time to verify the status of the light that is blinking properly.
  • Next, users need to open the setup page of the Linksys Router and then change the Internet connection settings manually.
  • In the setup page of the Linksys Router, the users can change the settings of the router as per their needs.
  • Then the default IP address of many Linksys router is And the default username and password would be an “admin”.
  • Wait for a few minutes, when the main computer is able to access the Internet, so users need to create a wireless network for their wireless computers/devices.

In this way, the users can setup the Linksys Router without Installation CD on their system and efficiently troubleshoot Linksys router error 321. 

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